A diary of an 18-year old girl staying in China for three months in the summer AKA my own journey in words.

Where does the unluckiness begin….let’s see.

1) arrival to JFK airport 2-3 hours before flight and there are no more seats! never knew that overstock flight seats situation would happen to me! around 30 people didn’t get to fly. What air china do? $580 voucher, hotel accomodations for a night and specified amount of money voucher for food ($14 for breakfast, $20 lunch, $25 dinner). After a 24 hour stay delay of my flight, the next day, we checked in at 12 for the same time 4:50 flight.

2)At check-in, they couldn’t print my ticket from beijing to wuhan. They could only print from ny to beijing and so I  have to check in again at beijing for the ticket. *another surprise* the luggage has to be claimed at beijing. it won’t be shipped directly to destination….o great!

3)on the airplane: row 40ish so not bad. met a girl who goes to my college and lived on the same floor as me…talking about coincidence! here goes the unluckiness again. a chinese late 20s woman started dancing/exercising. at first, I was thinking she’s exercising since we’ve been on the flight for 6 hours or so now. NOOOO. She started yelling and rambling about crazy stuff in Chinese “Do you guys know what chinese medicine is? What does cat signify? What do you understand? You don’t contribute anything to society!” She wasn’t directing it towards anyone either. She ran down the aisle from front to back yelling with her eyes wide open as if she’s swearing in a fight with someone. *that scared me a bit* and especially when a flight attendent went to ask her to return to her seats, she collapsed on the floor screaming that she wasn’t crazy.

4)For our last 30 minutes on the flight, the landing was rough. The plane was shaky and I felt as if I was in the horror movies where something disastrous was about to happen. We all felt the uplifting of our stomache as if we’re on a roller coaster. A little girl sitting a row behind me on the left threw up multiple times because of the dizziness.

5)arrival in Beijing: the luggage claim took at least an hour and I was worrying because I had to rush to the next transfer flight. After finally getting the luggage, I exited the gate. Tried to find the domestic flight check-ins. Waited patiently in line and waited patiently as they struggled to print my ticket once again. Time is approaching 8 and boarding time is 8:10! Went through security check and when I found a seat at the gate to sit down. All the stress was released.

6)Domestic flight from Beijing to Wuhan: slept the whole time. Was it me or did I notice that the majority of passengers were male. The seats before and behind me were all middle aged guys, not many families and children.


-more foreigners are traveling from U.S to China. kudos to them!

-the food given on the international flight was a tiny bit of everything which in the end, is sorta filling. (people don’t eat much anyways since they’re sitting for 12 hours)

-Majority of passengers were male on the domestic flight from Beijing to Wuhan and there were still about 10-15 empty seats around me.

-a lot of Chinese people had iPhone4 and iPads. ballin and showing their status!

-many Chinese passengers buy duty-free products on airplanes and at the airports because their relatively cheaper.

Temperature upon arrival: humid, high 70s.

Weather (9:18 am China time): slow rain.

Mood: feeling like an early bird because I can’t go back to sleep after I woke up at 7:30am. (jet legged). hoping I don’t crash at noon.