I didn’t feel like I was jetlegged until I woke up this morning and realized that I had slept from 6 pm to 8 am this morning (that’s 14 hours!..skipped dinner and plans for the night).

I shouldn’t feel stressed but sadly, I do. Here goes my list again lol


transitioning from technology convenience to something different isn’t easy. Not only slow internet connection problem, but I need to attach a separate camera and a separate mic that I have to be literally 1 in away from when I talk. I had gotten used to the mac pro and it’s built-in camera, mic and college wi-fi. There’s nothing more stressful and time consuming than spending time fixing camera then mic then asking the other person if they can hear u and see you and dealing with slow internet at the same time.

2) dependence issue

As an 18 year old in U.S, I was more than confident in my independence. Not only the fact that I can get to wherever I need to by myself but I can do anything I need to get done on my own without consulting anyone else. It’s definitely a different mindset when you know that things are different here. I gotta be more cautious about crossing street, the way I hold my bag, watching for scams for finding part time jobs online etc.

3) finding a part time job

I know I know. I should just relax but it seems as if I got to find something to do during my three months here. Other friends came back to China with something to do planned out while I came back just to visit relatives. As a college student now, I feel as if I need to find something meaningful to do so I can blab about the experience I gained during the summer. Finding a job is a whole other story.

-location: finding a job that is convenient from home is not easy. bus transfers and bus times on a hot summer day is not ideal.

-what job? jobs here for an 18 year old is usually low pay and hard to get, but I’m from the U.S who is fluent in English so things should be easier. The problem here is that seasonal jobs are not as common here as in U.S. I found a 2 week job in a college bookstore last winter in boston is easier than finding a summer job in Wuhan. Don’t even think about internships…don’t even imagine about business internships. short term opportunitites are difficult because people don’t want to train you for a month then have you leave. business done here are way more corrupt and less official than in the U.S.

4) nobody my age

After a whole year of being surrounded by people my age in college, I’m not used to this environment of having no friends my age, especially since I’m constantly in contact with friends through texting, fb and in person. Now, I can’t text you guys, stalk people on fb. maybe a bit of peekaroo through video skyping.

5) traveling

yes yes of course when you travel to another country, you will definitely travel. Since I’m here visiting relatives mainly, it also depends on their schedules and how free they are.

Nothing is as easy as 1-2-3! There will always be complications and a little stress here and there. (learning to manage stress is such a skill!) What is the most effective way to release stress?

weather: low 60s. nice and breezy. windy.

mood: stressed from all the to-dos in my mind and the first week of getting used to