so much memories to transfer from my mind to tumblr

two days ago (since I updated): food massage at night (38 yuan=less than $7 for 45 min. Since it was a small business, the foot massager wasn’t great but nonetheless I got my foot rubbed!)

Nearby was a travel agency so we went to check out if we can plan any upcoming trip somewhere. Many trips are going places to see nature (mountains, sea, etc) whereas I want to go to some well known places like shanghai, hong kong, etc. Maybe a trip to korea?

yesterday: my day started at 7:30 am. took a bus with my mom to the hospital to check up on a few small things to make sure they’re not big problems. there are so many people in the hospital (on every single floor. total of 6 or 8 floors). After waiting in line to get a number, we went to the 6th floor determatology department where we waited for an hour or so to see the doctor for 5 minutes. The dryness of the patch of skin was confirmed that it was just a problem of using body shampoo and normal dryness. The doctor wrote a few prescriptions so we can give it to someone to get the medicine or whatnot. ayyyy waited in line for that and then the total costs 300 yuan ($50 ish) for the check up and the medicine. they gave me 8 boxes of vitamin pills, these creams for the dryness, and a bunch of other things which I thought was totally unnecessary.

*scam alert* when we were trying to find the right line to get a number, there was a woman who started talking to us, saying, “You got here late, there are no more numbers for the [so and so] doctor you’re trying to see”. their intent is to convince you into thinking that that there are no more numbers available for the specific department so then they would either lead you into another hospital or sell you a number for triple the price you get it for. Since the hospital, like most places, is disorganized with crowds of people at every corner you look like, these scammers aren’t obvious to find, but you gotta watch out when people approach you!

It was already 11ish when we got out of the hospital, carrying a bag of medicine. Since the bus took too long to arrive, we took a taxi to an approximate area to find the hair salon that my mom heard good feedbacks from a relative. ayyyy that was stressful since we got to the area but since she didn’t know the exact name of the hair salon and the relative didn’t pick up constant calls from my mom, we just walked based on senses from place to place, hoping that we would see it. We gave up after walking aimlessly for 30 min and decided to find a place to eat. Ate some noodles and stir-fried mushroom pork and rice while listening to a parrot in a cage saying “Ni Hao” and whistling.

We found the hair salon after getting a call back from the relative, so tranced back a little and finally found the place. I originally thought we were going to spend max 1 hr in there to get haircut, but I turned out to be completely wrong. We finished after 3-4 hours in there. Why? loads of customers, my mom and I was getting a haircut by the same person who was the best there (also plus 20 yuan for that hair dresser).

For me, short version of what happened: lying down hair wash (20 min), rough haircut cut (shoulder length and straight bangs across), hair wash, chemically permed at the ends (1 hour or so to put the curlers in, heated, etc), brief hair wash, haircut touch up and blow dry. Result: completely new look. shoulder length hair with ends curled and straight bangs. I look like a younger version of a Japanese me. After I while, I just ended up sweeping my bangs across to the right so it’s a side-swept bangs. The perm at the end of the hair was unnecessary and costly.

for my mom, short version: hair wash, haircut (stylishly short), hair coloring (hair dyed to a natural light brownish gold), hair wash, haircut touch up and blow dry. Result: so short! More volume and definitely less feminine than long hair but looks more determined and has a strong personality.

The cost totaled up to 400 yuan (a little less than $70). We walked out looking like two completely new person. Did a little shopping in a nearby area. Purchased a milk coffee cappucino (exactly what it said on the a bottle (1 yuan)) to quench my thirst.

Observation:shoes———women’s shoe stores sell mostly high heels, few selections of flats. Majority of women (of a wide range of ages) were heels. Last year, I purchased mostly heels because of all the awesome and pretty heels I eyed on then realized that I barely wore any of them in the U.S. Why do I always convince myself that I will wear things when in reality, I’m not going to? (same reason why I brought all my clothes and purses when I didn’t end up wearing and using most of them in the closet)

Observation #2: mistrust in society———-while we were in a rush walking to the bus stop, two women stopped to ask us something and before we even heard what they were going to say, my mom just ignored them and kept walking. Then my mom told me there are too many innocent scammers and ways to scam people. I’m used to helping others when people ask for help on the street, not ignoring them and keep on walking. The society is built on mistrust and lies. No wonder people don’t want to ask random people for help. No wonder when I asked someone at the airport to borrow a cell phone to call my mom, the guy hesitated and decided to call himself and then gave me the phone. It’s hard to adjust to an environment that is so filled with bribing, lies, and scams.

At night, I went to meet a summer school teacher near our home. It was grandma’s brother’s friend’s friend. (connections, connections, connections!) She was excited to hear about me and she showed her interest of starting a 20 day program to improve kids’ speaking. I would need to have a teaching lesson plan of what activities to teach everyday. They will be elementary kids so it is doing fun activities with them while teaching them how to speak english.

Tonight, I will be checking out one of the other classes to see the environment and observe the class but class will not be the same as mine because the teaching content is different.