I’m visiting  relative that got married on May 7th (the day of my flight). Whoaa new place to live with the person you love and who won’t get tired of seeing day after day. Only in a couple home, you can have an all glass bathroom door that see’s everything inside. Whoaaa I can’t wait to have a walk in closet with my heels all displayed neatly.  A queen sized chic bed with red silky bed sheets. Our whole house with our studio photoshoots (customized calendars, customized cartoon figures, poster boards, etc).

Visiting this newly wed couple and their newly purchased home stirs up the burning desire to want to be married myself.

Last night: Visited grandpa’s grave, along with two other relative’s grave in the same grave yard. A norm is to place incense in the dirt and sometimes place whatever the person likes to eat there as well. (example: if the person liked to smoke, a lit cigarette to place there or a fruit/food the person used to like to be placed there).

Nearby there is a restarant is known for their duck plate. Price keeps on rising every year! (used to be 100 yuan, then 110, now 120 yuan!=a little less than $60!) (pix to be posted!)

Shopping: Whoaaa whoaa too many stores! clothes! shoes! (you can buy anything for 10 yuan or even 2000 yuan)  After hours of walking from store to store and trying shoe to shoe, I finally purchased two pairs of shoes. I hesitate before purchasing because it seems like it cost so much to me to be purchasing shoes in 3-digit numbers, and I often convert yuan to $ in my head to see if it’s worth it. (purchased a pair of hot pink flats and a crocodile white snake skin with jewels pair of flats)

Last night: mmmmhmmmm food food food! shiscobobs (cumcumbers, mushroom, pork etc on a skinny metal stick-pix to be posted!) mmmmhmmm snails (spicy with peppers, roasted; use a toothpick to get the meat out. gotta try it! haha)

Tonight: staying at grandparent’s house for a few days.