U.S: a respect for personal space (ex: waiting in line) and a barrier for many privacy issues

China: due to amount of people, a lot of close physical contacts (malls, waiting in lines, purchasing things etc).

A little uncomfortable! the other day in a bra store, an associate there helped me to choose the right bra by introducing styles and finding the right size for me. She measured my boobs by padding the wideness and grabbing my boobs to estimate cups size. That wasn’t it!

She grabbed a bunch of bras and came into the fitting room with me to help me put it on! I was like i can try it on myself haha but she was insisted on saying that it was okay and that she would help me. my mom said it was okay too and it was very common.

I’m  not used to this revealing type of interaction, but whatever store or service a place provides, they always get personal.

Body massage=I couldn’t hold in my giggle when the massager’s hand massages near the (you know what area), near the thighs. One area is the thighs, the other area is the butt. After a while, I’m used to it, but the first times feels weird!