I spent a few days at grandparent’s home.

Another adjustment to (their) environment: consistent lifestyle (6 am wakeup, breakfast at 8, lunch at 12, dinner at 6, sleep at 11), walking in a slow pace to the supermarket and in general actually, calm dialogues, controlled diet, ask & learn, sharing conservative views & advice and chit chatting with other old folks in the yard.

Living with them for a few days felt like I was living in the countryside during my old age even though in reality, I’m an almost 19-year-old living in the city within China. (I imagine how a busy and fast paced lifestyle in a farm in the middle of nowhere would be like.)

Yesterday, a few family relatives and friends got together to have dinner. I met a couple that I didn’t expect to meet. They look nothing special, typical Wuhanese grandma and grandpa. Guess what? They lived in California for 21 years and are currently visiting Wuhan until June. They spoke perfect Wuhanese and took me by surprise when the grandpa asked me when we just met, “How many years have you been in the U.S?” (speaking in perfect english without any Chinese accent).

“Almost 10 years”, I said while counting in my head to make see if that was the correct amount as I said it. Both of us knew each other’s English was pretty good unlike students who have learned english here for many years but speaks terribly.

Why does dinner gatherings always lead into a poltical debate? (we all know that you avoid politics when meeting someone).

Here comes the irony: Two 30 years old guys at the table were saying how corrupted the Chinese government is and that without another party in check with the one party system, they can take Chinese people’s advantage. China, on the whole, is doing well economically but that’s only because it’s cheating citizens of their money in an unjustified way. Everyone is afraid to stand in opposition of the government, because the government is powerful enough to hold down the people.

So here we have two native Chinese men who have lived in China all their live arguing against the Chinese government and the couple who lived in California for 21 years are arguing for the Chinese government (by saying how whoever in U.S says anything bad about China, they get defensive).

Does being patriotic to one’s country mean that one loves all aspects of that country? Does loving one’s own mother country involve loving the government system as well?

When I encounter people who ask me, “Do you think China is better or U.S is better?” I feel pulled by both ends of the rope in a tug-or-war. The pros in U.S uncomparatively outweigh the pros in China, but I can’t deny the fact that China has cheaper goods that I enjoy shopping for and the massages I can get when my feet needs someone to rub.

I’m already testing myself by not using fb, blogspot, twitter, slow gmail and now pandora too!!!!


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one word. booo