I have never liked or gotten used to the squatting position in bathrooms in China. I do see a few pros but nonetheless, I despise it in many ways.

U.S: toilet seats where you sit on the toilet for #1 and #2 (for women).

China: (in most public bathrooms)-an inward curvature on the floor where you squat for #1 and #2 (again, for women!)

let me specify mostly on the cons of this:

1. results in smelly bathrooms-poor flushing system, and ppl can miss so pee goes elsewhere.

2. for people like me, I’m never comfortable releasing anything in that squatting position (especially with the pee smell around).

The one pro is that it can be cleaner than toilet seats in the sense that no butts will be touching the same surface! (since your but is in mid air supported by the strength of your thighs).

On this topic, I might as well mention the inconvenience that there is NO TOILET PAPER in the bathrooms. I was curious why my aunt handed me a few napkins while we waited in the bathroom line! (exception: there is toilet paper in airport bathrooms and McDonald bathrooms!)