Everyone in China looks up to iphones but why doesn’t anybody use blackberry or have never even heard of the company?

I can’t live without my blackberry 8900 and I’m sure there are tons of blackberry lovers out there in U.S and parts of Europe. If it’s so successful in some parts of the world, why not China?

1. Blackberrys are too expensive.

Apple is expensive but people think it’s worth it, but Blackberry’s price is questioned by many. It’s common to purchase a blackbery for $100 or even up to $400 in the U.S.

2. Chinese people don’t depend on emails like we do.

It’s urgent to read and reply my emails right away and having a blackberry lets me give a fast reply within a minute. People in China does not use emailing as the main method of communication. Having a cell phone is the best communication device for them: quick, easy, straightforward.

3. no need for a full keyboard.

It’s definitely a convenience to type English on a keyboard, but not in Chinese. Letters on a keyboard can be used to type Chinese pinying but it’s even easier and faster to write on the iphone touchscreen with your fingertips exactly how you would write the Chinese character.

All in all, the benefits of blackberry are not necessarily factors that would benefit Chinese customers. Within the next few months, Blackberry cell phones will go on the market and only time can tell if blackberry succeeds. I hope it will because I chose my blackberry 8900 over an iphone 4.