(for consumers)

I favor the legal method of dealing with things but I find beauty in bootlegged versions.

In U.S: usually movies are released on a specific date in theaters and the DVDs are only released a few months to half a year. Not only that, there are only 2 (well 3) ways you can obtain the movies when it’s available in DVD.
1. Rent: you can get the movie you like on DVD in blockbuster or movie works for a few bucks and return in within a week.
2. Buy: you can purchase the movie in target or best buy for a higher price but you can display in on your movie shelf forever.
3. In demand: similar to renting but a lazier method. Choose on tv, no need to physically return it anywhere, pay later.

In china, not all movies are released in theaters but DVDs are readily available for cheap in any corner you turn.
-DVDs can be released a day after the movie release or even before the movie is released.
-dont let the price surprise you! 10 yuan (less than $2) for one disc, the disc can have up to 8 movies!
-the movie theatre ticket lines are always short and its one of the few places in china where it’s the opposite of the word crowded
-watching a movie theatre is a luxurius event for a date or for the viewing effect of the big screen. ( its rather luxurius bcs why pay more to see a movie when you can watch it at home the day its released in theaters?)

Everything has a cause. Reasons for why going to see movies isn’t common…