In most stores I walk into here in china, I’m usually greeted by associates and then followed by one. I touch a piece of clothing or take a long look at one, she would say a few good things about it.

Scenario: in the mall, I walk in to the clothing store even though I’ve never heard of the brand myself. A few of the associates would greet me by saying (in Chinese of course) ” welcome. Feel free to look around and try on anything you like.” I walk in a little further and one of them is staring at wherever i look. I reach my hand towards a shirt to feel the fabric and she would say “that shirt is very comfortable because its 100% cotton and the style is very fashion forward.” I walk a bit more around the store, but whoever i seem to go and whatever i seem to show a slit interest in, they are narrating a short line to market the specific product out.

Scenar 2: I walk into a bra store, the associate would greet you like any other store. Even if you’re just looking around for what you like, they’ll be sure to say, ” what product are you specifically hoping to find today, maybe I can help?”

When i first started shopping in china, I was very not used to this personal shopper following you shop type of thing since in the u.s, customers shopped independently without anyone’s help except maybe when getting a fitting room. Here, they’re usually with you from beginning to end of your experience in that store, from taking the clothes off from the rack to adjusting how to wear the clothes when you step out of the fitting room.

I cannot bold tis even more but to emphasize that I WANT A MIRROR IN THE FITTING ROOM!
i don’t want anyone else to judge how i look in my clothes besides me, but who can i do that when the mirror is outside the fitting room. There are no mirrors in any fitting rooms I’ve been in! They are always one big mirror for everyone so when you tried on the shirt, you come out of your fitting room and look at the mirror. ( exception: only stores that have mirrors in fittings rooms are bra/undies stores)

Living and shopping in china makes me feel like I’m overweight. No lie. How can I not when most clothing stores on the street only carry one size for each style? Are every girl in china the same shirt size or something? I look around, MAYBE!

I should be chosen to go on the show ” big girl in a skinny world” if there was that show in china.