this year isn’t the first year I’ve watched tv in china but why was it today that I’m exposed to shows that caught me by surprise!?

1. Pokemon: people still watch this? I can accept power rangers and monkey king but pokemon? Pokemon is one of those long gone shows that is old fashioned enough that no kids are interested anymore! I wonder how many viewers this is receiving.

2. Copying the voice or vice versa: Who knows if this chinese talent competition show copied The Voice or The Voice copied this chinese show but c’mon, it’s no fun when ideas are the same cross country! Shows are only entertaining when they’re one of a kind! It’s not fun anymore if both shows have three judges sitting in red chairs with their backs turned against the stage and chooses to turn their chair if the judge likes the performer’s voice.

3. Americas next top model with Chinese voiceover: you have no idea how excited i was when i was flipping through channels and i saw tyra banks judging the models. And my excitement dropped to negative numbers when everyone started talking. Their words and original voices are replaced by Chinese! I personally don’t mind listening to chinese since i understand but the Chinese version sounds horrible! It makes them sound so bratty and bitchy. I even found it rude to hear the low voice of a Chinese woman replacing one of the black models! Here voice is not like that when she’s speaking herself! I cant stop myself from watching the show but cant stop my strong disgust but to change the channel.