Jiu Zhai Gou: a view of high mountains with snow caps, clear waters, low boiling point for food, Tibetan culture (clothing, food, tradition, family structure etc), and sunburn around the neckline.

I often find myself dissappointed by traveling because the online images makes anywhere look amazing and breath-taking. Nonetheless, I enj

Last night, Pirates of the Carribean 4 in the movie theatres. Tuesdays are half price. I take back saying that I don’t ever seen long waiting lines for purchasing movie tickets. Not only was the waiting line long, when it was our turn to buy the tickets, we had horrible seats to choose from.

*choose your assigned seats in the the movie theatre* we were stuck with second row that made me dizzy by the end of the 2 hour movie.

I was dissappointed that the whole movie was in Chinese with no subtles. It’s okay! Let’s experience the movie in Chinese. It was weird hearing Johnny Depp, talking in Chinese. I’m still watching the movie in English when I get back to the U.S!