Did you know that customers have to pay an extra at retails for plastic bags?

I have taken for granted that I get paper bags or plastic bags at the cash register in the mall and at retails.

The plastic bags ban started in china on June 1,2008. China on the road to become a greener nation. Although 24 billions of plastics have been saved, does it actually make a big difference? I know that it definitely makes a difference but relatively speaking, I’m afraid not. It’s making a rather small difference compared to the coal and car pollution. Not to mention the factories.

It raises another question: is a forceful law the best way to making a country greener?
Why does it feel like it is more of a choice in the u.s and a must in china?

Observation: On my jiu zhai gou trip, nobody gives a sh*t which trash can they put their trash. Since it is a tourist sight, there is the chance to litter your trash in either recyclable or non-recyclable which are right next to each other. its not that hard to decide which side your trash goes but nobody seems to even bother to care for any difference.

The country can’t become greener if the people themselves aren’t willingly enough to change?

Sometimes the way the Chinese government controls its people mirrors the way Chinese parents raises their kids. Little freedom, tight control, harsh competition, and corruption through bribery.

Thank God it is easier to raise kids in u.s, it doesn’t cost money to go to elementary and high school, not everything is based on wealth and status, students don’t have to go to school from 8 am to 8 pm, we breathe clean air for a better health, no waiting in long lines and squeezing in crowds in hospitals, buses, and so forth. The list goes on.