dont know about y’all but I watched the French open 2011 on tv. Yess French open is the tennis matches. China Na Li vs Italy Francesca Schiavone. I was thrilled to be watching womens tennis since I don’t even remember the last time i watched a game on tv. Even more exciting was to be watching an chinese woman from my hometown playing in the french opens.

Yay congrats 李娜 and I’m sure there are few others who are sharing her wealth with her who can’t be more excited. Those including chinese government, her coach, her husband, etc.

An unanswered question: what is the tattoo on her left chest? I’ve only been seeing a part of it when shes playing but it’s big enough that I’m curious to know.

Another awkward stripping moment yesterday when I went to the spa to get a facial cleansing. Since it was my first time there, I was stunned and put in my uncomfortable state when the girl who was massaging me told me to take everything off except my undies. Thank God the room wasnt bright and it was divided by curtains so nobody else sees me close-to-naked.

Observation: wherever i go to get a treatment done, it always makes me want to pay more attention and care for the specific body part.

Example: I get my nails done bcs there was still leftover nail polish and the tips are peeling layer by layer and im not sure what to do with it to make the nails stronger and prettier. After getting a manicure and observing all these procedures like filing, shaping, cuticles oil and cutting etc, makes me feel like i should do more to take care of my nails and hand better on a daily basis. Their left hands are so well shaped, with fancy designs done by their own handy dandy right hands.

I go to a nearby 15 yuan foot massage place and they cut my nails shorter and cleaned it so well that I question how well i take care of my own feet that supports my day weight every day. I should wash it better, I should dry between the toes each time, I should give it a quick massage when they’re sore, I should moisturize the dry heels area.

This time after a facial cleansing, I definitely think that I should take care of my face more. I need to get over my laziness at night and cleanse, tone, and moisturize my face every night and morning. I just dealt with my acne before, but now I’m thinking is there any way to fasten the process of acne scar healing? How do I get rid of blackheads without enlarging pores even more?

Haha if i went to a dieting class or weight loss place, maybe I’ll feel like I’m very overweight and feel the need to eat less and exercise more.
If I walked into the doors of a cosmetic surgery, I might even feel as if I need to get a nose job? Haha some places gone provoke healthy improvements thoughts while others might not be so great, eh?