Maybe the title raises your expectation too much. Just a run-on of news lol

Ring of Fire hits California next (word of mouth)

tension between Vietnam and China over South China sea

Influential Spanish banker deals w/ tax charges ($426 undeclared tax revenue last year)

Seven term Democratic Rep. Weiner resigns from inappropriate online exchanges w/ women. AND porn publisher offers him job for further disgrace.

floods in southern China (homes lost, death of residents, crops damaged)

Turmoil in Greece creates instability in Europe. Will replacing financial minister make a difference?

Hocky hangover turns into Riot

Resident at mental health facility kills counselor (MA)

Chinese officials beat legal activist. July 1-90th anniversary of founding of Communist party, then 100th anniversary of revolution that overthrew China’s emperor; next year, choosing the country’s leadership for next 10 years.

An article on how to date Chinese women. isn’t tips like give her a gift, arrive early, and pay for meal standards for dating all women?