05. USB suitcase. Very cute. I’d totally buy one. It would be even cuter if I have a normal sized version just like it.

06. speakers. Portable and convenient enough to carry around for traveling. It can come in handy when you want to share your music to more than 2 ppl. Even unfolding triangle creates more volume (i think).

07. portable printer. whoever invented this stole my idea. lesson learned: what sets successful people apart from others is that they use their actions to make their dreams come true. No last minute running around college looking for a printer when you have one of this!

01. tree shelf: saves space, creates an theme for your room, and unique.

02. pill shelf: saves space and simple.

03: Word shelf: creative look. be reminded of that special word. (in this case: good)

04. letters shelf: (my fav!) messy yet artistically messy. curious to know whether it’s all attached or each letter is separate.