Last week, I lost my phone in shanghai. Cell phone=life. Probably the most important technology I need to have. Whenever my phone is out of battery or lost/stolen (cough cough), I go through so many inconveniences of thinking hard of whats on my blackberry calendar of events, how to tell a friend when to meet in the dining hall for dinner, and checking to see if i received any emails in the past minute.

What happened to wearing a watch to tell time? Handwrite notes in a planner? Face to face to decide on a time and place to meet?

The dependence on technology makes our lives so much easier, but I’m sure you’ve experienced the annoyance and frustration when our most trusted technologies let us down. I cried when I spent 3 hours typing an essay that didn’t get saved when the computer froze. I feel the need to buy cheap laptop in China because of the inconvenience of desktops. I spent 40 minutes standing by the train station waiting my mom to pick me up because the train arrived an hour early and I didn’t have a phone (and yes I did ask for cell phones, but remember my blog about how nobody trust anybody here, so everyone gave me excuses for not letting me borrow their phone-excuses like I dont have any more minutes left, there’s no battery left, I need to call someone right now, my phone doesn’t work….)

You have no idea how much information can be found online: identity of the kissing couple during the Vancouver riot, criminal suspects through emails, details of the online interactions between Rep Weiner and the women and even who set the fire to cars during Stanley Cup defeat.  

Before it used to be just home phones, now our homes don’t even have a home phone because every person in the house has a cell phone (including grandparents). We upgrade from dessktop computers to laptops. Now I read on NYTimes that in the future, no computer mouse is needed, instead computer will have eye glancing technology to sense where on the screen we’re looking at.

Wall-E movie’s predictions might be right huh? In the future, we’re all going to be sitting on automatic chairs, be lazy and chubby.

All our dependence on technology…ay. If tech fails on us, I can’t imagine otherwise. (how cannot imagine such thing when just a small tech like my cell phone fails on me)

All techonologies ever invented from washing machines to elevator is to make our lives better, AKA make us more lazy. But I can’t deny the fact how we love being lazy at times and give ourselves a break. The danger is when all of this laziness turns into habits, when the escalators are crowded w/ lines but nobody thinks of saving time by walking the short flight of stairs, when I try to prevent buying clothes that can’t be machine washed/dryer dried since I just throw all clothes in the machine.