Life is full of responsibilities and a big part is about making commitments and taking up on those duties as we ourselves grow and learn throughout the process. At times, we’re forced to grow up. Life pushes us to grow up faster, become more mature than our actual age. Whether that’s a good thing or not, sometimes I miss being a kid. Being able to say anything, do anything and face little consequences. Not being judged by others and having the freedom to truly be yourself. There’s no component of shyness or “caring about what other people think”. As we grow older, expectations come into existence and responsibilities follows.


Why not start small?

I used to own one of these, purchased from Newbury Comics but I can no longer find them there anymore. These are so cute and perfect for everyone who’s caring and has time to water it once every day. When I have a kid one day, I will buy my kid one of these as the first lesson for them, in teaching them responsibility.

I want more for decorations. Where can I find them!!!

I purchased my own while I was on my trip in China. I was hesitant, worrying that customs wouldn’t allow it and steal it away from me. Yes, the unborn seedlings has made it safely across the country!

Followed the steps:

1. soaking the ball of seeds or whatever is in there in water

2. put it in the green creature’s head.

3. water it. wait and play happy music.


It grew in 3 days!!! I took many pictures from day one; it’s like wanting to videotape the moment when your child first learns how to talk or walk. This is getting exciting!

One disappointment is that it’s lopsided and only grows on left side of his head. Many predicted that all the seeds are concentrated on one side, which is probably true. Thankfully, the purchase came with two bags of seeds, so in the end of the year (late August), I will start the second pack and I sure hope that the new one won’t be baldy!

You like the monkey creeping in the background?

I must say even taking care of a kiddie plant is really fun! A bubbling static of excitement followed by sense of accomplishment just makes my day. Seeing nature’s power at work and the changes day by day is awesome.

Growing strong!

Have you heard of the experiment that music’s impact on living things?

Guess what happens when one plant lives in a room where beautiful calm classical music is played and another plant lives in a room where heavy metal intense music is played?


“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” ~Og Mandino