Sleeping cuteness
Sleeping cuteness

Do I have difficulty falling asleep? I’m thankful that the answer is no. I love sleeping. As a baby who never cries, as a child who took afternoon naps in elementary school in China, and even til now, I consider sleep as a hobby that I enjoy. The most that I’ve slept is 20 hours!

A friend, who is jealous of me for having the “ability” to sleep that long, can only sleep a maximum of eight hours and automatically wakes up when it’s time to get out of bed. I can’t differentiate whether people’s “ability” to sleep is a necessity to health or laziness, or a combination of both.

Most old people I know, they sleep early and wake up early, “automatically”. It’s a fuse of age, health conditions, and habit. I can only imagine how much more time I will have in a day and in a year if I slept less. How much extra hours I’d have for playing tetris, reading books, watching all time favorite movies that never gets old, and crossing off things on my bucket list. Before thinking about all efficient use of my newly free time, I predict that I won’t be “one of them”. I will probably be like my grandma. She’s one of the only old people I know who sleeps 9+ hours, like a typical 20 year old with naps once a day. I’m amazed. She’s one of a kind.

It’s not easy being a sleeper who loves to stay in bed. This is a typical morning. Finance Risk Management class starts at 11 am. Phone alarm is set to 9:30 am, with extra time to eat breakfast downstairs in the dining hall, put on makeup, and having free time in there to take things slow.

Alarm rings at 9:30 am on the dot, I put it on snooze. Unconsciously thinking that I can have more time and there’s no rush. Snooze again after 5 minutes, same thing happens. This cycles happen until it’s 10:30 am. I see the time on the iPhone and I finally get up. Pushing down on the bed and propelling up sideways. (Apparently, that puts less pressure on you back if you jerk up as if doing a sit up.) My mind had mentally set an “actual time” for me to wake up, knowing that 10:30 am is the limit I can delay to. The alarm that’s set is more of a reminder that I will need to get up in an hour and I can ease into waking up. Don’t you appreciate the extra one second, one minute, one hour or extra sleep you get?

I want to let you in on a secret that sleeper’s have or technically sleep pretender have. The place that’s easiest to fall asleep is in a car, when it’s moving and of course, when I’m not driving. (if it’s at a stop, I wake up). Other’s can’t tell you’re asleep. They assume you’re sleeping if you have your eyes closed and mouth shut. It helps even more if they know you as the “sleeper” who loves to sleep. Their conversation goes on but what would normally be screened out when you’re awake gets discussed and the best part is you’re listening in. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen to me often because I actually do fall asleep. You have no idea on how much moments and memories you’re missing in a long car ride. The time you’re stuck with the others in the car is a bonding time, to be forced to talk together, listen to the same Beyonce song together.

The first obsession is sleeping. Second obsession is taking pictures of others sleeping.

I’m not quiet sure why but when someone is sleeping, it warms me up and calms me down. It doesn’t matter if it’s a homeless person sleeping on the street or a puppy sleeping in her puppy bed. I want to capture the moment by taking a snapshot.

One last thought on sleeping. Did you know that there are professional sleepers out there? Two that I know of. One is “professional sleepers” hired to sleep in hotels and write reviews on them. Another one is a “professional cuddler” who makes $260 a day by napping with strangers. Here’s the article if you’re interested “professional cuddler”.


“How can you prove whether at this moment we are sleeping, and all our thoughts are a dream; or whether we are awake, and talking to one another in the walking state?” ~Plato