I am writing to you while riding on a peterman bus from Massachusetts to Connecticut. Car and bus rides are where the deep thoughts happen or where sleep happens.

It’s only 9:30 am and I’m being productive in getting my today’s job done early. Thought of the day is created after being awake for half an hour, the ride from home to waiting at the bus stop and siting on the bus writing now.

From a business point of view, almost always customers are first. The business is created for money, money comes from customers, from those that appreciates and uses the products and services. So it’s no surprise that one of values or missions of the company is in putting customers first. But out of all the companies who say that, which of those actually translates words into actions. It’s like seeing the commercial for a burger or flight airlines, the real experience is diminished down from what you may have expected. What you thought was water drooling, comforting, convenient, exciting or what have you, the reality is not like what the advertisement represented. Marketing is all about analyzing how the customers react and how to position the company to the best it can be in the market to gain the most customers. I’m not hating on marketing at all. It’s a field that I’m actually really intrigued in.

As I board the bus, I feel the burden and tiredness of the driver, helper loading the luggages, cleaning lady sweeping the floor. The emotional pain that you relieve by sighing once but this is different. There are low income jobs and most might not be an exciting or pleasure experience that everyone is attracted to, but I envision how life would be if everyone loved their job. I mean seriously intrigued, enjoying and happy doing their job that they’d still be working in the same job even if they’re not paid. Gosh, how many people would quit their jobs if they were paid for their work. I see a completely new world. A world where the the bus driver will smile while driving, a barista at Starbucks will make the caramel frappacino with whipped cream filled with love, a janitor at the hospital dancing while mopping the floors, and the list goes on. If every single person truly loved what they’re doing and the job fits their personality and skills perfectly, life would be so much better for everyone. I know I’m a dreamer, the situation is too ideal, too perfect to be true. Life contains the limitations of economic pressure, societal constraints, and familial expectations. It can still start small by encouraging your kids to chase their dreams in pursuing what they love and appreciating others work rather than look down upon those that you feel that’s unimportant. All jobs are essential; it’s the individual components that make up the bigger picture.

If money wasn’t a factor, what do I want to be in life? What job will I want that I’d do even if I wasn’t paid?
A carefree dancer, aimless traveler, beauty consultant, family and relationship therapist, philanthropist, and writer of all the above.

How do I imagine a perfect day?

Hard to answer. Sleeping until whenever I naturally wake up, play with animals in my garden, fly somewhere I’ve never been to and explore, be adventurous and try a new food I’ve never eaten, watch live concerts from favorite musicians, and being with people I love. I’m not sure where this is going. Now I’m napping on a cloud. Where is this heading to?

What do I want to leave behind in this world when I’m gone? What contribution will I have given this world?
To be answered.

This post is taking much longer than I had intended. The bus ride is coming to an end and phone battery is drained by 32% from music and phone on standby while I’m thinking. At least I’m not dizzy or car sick and I’m not sleeping yet! Many questions to answer about life. In the end, go with the flow and see where life takes you. It’s an exciting one and you only live one day once. This is the only may 13, 2013 that I and you will be living. After each year, day, hour and minute passed, there’s no reliving it (okay maybe if you’re travel to another place that’s in a different time zone or during daylight savings). Still can’t escape the passing of time.


“The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.”