Every day you learn something knew about yourself.

For today, I learned two things about myself. #1: repetitive tasks is soothing and I don’t mind it. #2: I enjoy cleaning dirty things when you see the result (i’ll explain in more detail).

One. I made a whole large bucket container of crab rangoons today, which consisted of putting the filling on the wonton paper dough and folding it into a four star shape. That process repeated for at least 400 times or more. I wasn’t bored or complaining because the work doesn’t sound as bad as it seems at all.

I also had to lay out mini sauce containers and fill up each one with a spoon full of hot chili sauce (60+ containers). The oil was messy and dripped outside the container for the first few times of using the spoon, but after a few times, I began to master filling them in with sauce without touching the rims of the container, pouring quickly and with precision. IMG_2480[1]Due to the perceived notion that repetitive work is long and boring, I’ve always thought of them that way but I’ve now come to believe that I don’t mind them at all. Other than being a bit tired from being in the same position, repetitive work is actually quite soothing. For example, people who enjoy knitting  enjoy the repetitive action.

Two. Let me first put it out there that I don’t like to clean. I’m not someone who likes to clean my room every day, but however, I do like to clean when I see immediate results. I love seeing fast results. My mom loves to or has a habit of cleaning very often and questions me by saying, “isn’t it better to do light cleaning work often than to work really hard once in a blue moon?” Although it does make sense, it turns out that I do prefer the once in a blue moon option. Even though I have to clean much more and end up more tired, I see a bigger prominent result and that makes me happy or happier.

How did I come to the realization about cleaning dirty things? When there were no customers today between lunch and dinner time, I was just standing on guard at the cash register. We have these large duty staples and they accumulated with oil and dirt after few years of usage. There happens to be a razor blade handy right next to the calculator and cash register. Something triggered me to pick up the blade and scrape off the layer of dirt on the staples. It was a bit gross but kind of fun. I did this for all the five staples and as a result, they are now clean or at least cleaner than before!

I have a more prevalent example that you might be more familiar with, for you all beauty gurus or ladies in general. If you are annoyed by the blackheads on your face (especially your nose, chin, forehead), you can relate. Blackheads are essentially oil and dirt in the pores on your skin. You can see them if you look closely in the mirror. Don’t you love squeezing them until the strands of oil wiggle out of the pores? Yes it sounds gross, but those of you who do know what I’m talking about, that is what I mean by cleaning dirty things by seeing immediate results, even when they can be really gross, but kind of fun. Get my point now?

We learn something new about ourselves everyday. It’s important and helpful to know yourself well. Comes in handy when you’re choosing a career path or at a behavioral interview. At least I know that repetitive tasks are soothing for me and immediate results is a plus!


“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ~Aristotle