Time passes by fast. I keep on repeating that but it’s very true. I’m proud of myself that I did not slack during the duration of these two weeks I was here in Wisconsin while working at the restaurant 12 hours a day. I’ve somehow managed to keep the post a day even though at night, I just want to eat a snack and lay in my bed til I fall asleep.

Leaving tomorrow is bittersweet. That feeling of if I wasn’t leaving tomorrow, I’d want to leave the next day. Now that I am actually departing, I will miss the dynamic atmosphere and unlimited food I get. Similar to gradation, weddings, and more, the bitter sadness of leaving the old chapter of your life and starting a new page, embarking on a new chapter. It’s bad and good. It’s sad and happy. There are pros and cons. The bitter but sweet.

I bet that will be what happens when my internship ends, and when college graduation comes around and life goes on in cycles, full of chapters of bittersweet moments. What starts must end at some point, no complete happiness for every moment and in every darkness, there are light. To cope with the bittersweet, I look for all the sweetness that it offers, envisioning a bigger picture for a brighter chapter. If we all looked on the more positive aspect in all situations, life will be easier and you’ll live happier. When everyone says their looking for happiness and hopes for happiness, that’s the secret.



“What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.” ~Henry David Thoreau