Sometimes it’s just hard. You wouldn’t think it’s too hard, but it just is because of a variety of factors that makes it more difficult than it has to be. Only one specific example is ringing in my head which is finding a trip to go. I’m sure there are many many countless situations where there’s just something that prevents or delays the completion process of reaching the goal whether it’s finishing that scholarship application, college application, making a phone call to that someone that you’re supposed to call, going to the gym on the days you planned to go, visiting grandma in the hospital, and more and more.

Finding a trip or traveling somewhere, simply put, should not be too hard. There are so many places to go, from nearby states to out of the country. I have mentally planned a trip designating Wednesday May 29 to June 10, before my internship starts, shortened to only May 29 to June 2. The earlier you plan something, the better it is! But I could not have planned earlier, because it also depended on the people you’re going on the trip with and their schedule, an agreed budget, traveling transportation, date and time and all of these can change any minute if luck isn’t on your side. We were happy to have those days free to travel somewhere, anywhere please, but family issues arises and it makes everything more complicated. What happens is that plans get delayed, then decisions get pushed back, and then time flies by and then nothing gets done. What the time appears far away, three months in advance or so, you don’t want to decide or make any decisions before something MIGHT happen and so you wait. Waiting is sometimes an option but most of times, you miss out on windows of opportunities and deals even if you hesitated for a few minutes. Opportunities comes and goes; the door isn’t open 24/7, waiting for you to decide and jump in at your own convenience. When a door opens (a last trip deal left for Cancun you’ve been wanting, a limited job offer, a coupon for Starbucks drinks, a slickdeals bank credit card rebate, a bus to a place that you want to go but unsure if you should) all comes but doesn’t wait for you because life isn’t all about you. Your own life is all about you, but life in general just happens and you got to catch up.

Now, I’m in the midst of figuring out what to do with my next one week or two weeks before my internship starts and occupies for the whole summer. Waiting for the last minute gives you the drive, motivation, urgency to do what needs to get done because the pressure builds up and if you truly want it, you will make it happen. Our generation is prone to procrastination; we perceive it negative trait, a weakness. Plan ahead and starting early is the way to go, which I agree has many benefits and saves a lot of trouble and stress. But most of us wait til the last minute when we just have to suck it up and do it. We could make no decisions at all and sleep through it and feel like a failure afterwards, knowing that we could have done it but didn’t, but that’s up to you and how important the decision is. Procrastination isn’t bad sometimes; honest to say that it’s actually where I get most of my brilliant ideas and spontaneity from. Once in a while, for the right situation, that high pressure or all nighter darkness with the lamp light just works to your advantage. I hope I can say that for planning for trips. I just want to travel somewhere so bad that I’m pretty open to going anywhere, as long as I haven’t been there before.

In terms of planning for trips, it’s not just about you and getting to it like writing a research paper or scholarship, because time is everything when it comes to traveling. The day that you buy the plane tickets, which days and how many days you travel for, what season is it, how early you’re planning, all these factors comes into play and while some depend on you, most are just the way it is. The flight is expensive during that time of the year to that specific location and you don’t have mileage to use towards it, what can you do. The cruises only sail during that date for that many days, but your schedule just happen to to intersect with it for a few days which means you can’t make it to the cruise trip at all, what can you do. Last minute, your friend finds out that her grandma is in intensive care in the hospital and she can pass away anytime from now and needs to cancel the trip, what can you do.


When making things happen, “just do it”. You thought it about it enough and just make it happen by deciding, yes or no. It’s that simple. When you really can’t decide, take a chance and leap of faith. Whichever path you choose, at least you chose one. That’s all it matters. The path you chose leads you down to your next decision and the trees branches keep on splitting and splitting until the end. What I don’t like is when after a decision has already been made, you regret upon the decision and wish you made a different one. Even worse is if you let someone else make the decision for you and you blame the other person for it when you escaped having to decide for yourself. Even more worse, at times, is to make no decision at all.

What will I do for the next two weeks before internship starts?