It might be counter intuitive since being together is how people bond, by spending time together on a daily basis, conversions happen at the dinner table, and driving home listening to the radio together. Being together under the same roof gets overwhelming at times, and then you feel as if space is better. Having space of wanting to not live in the same house, of having some privacy. I believe that having distance makes you appreciate the who you are distant with closer.

When you are always near them, you appreciate them but not as much as if you were apart from them. Most of the bad qualities that you were annoyed or didn’t like about them fades and you miss what’s best of them and what you love about them that you can’t find in anyone else. Having that distance makes you want to call them more often, text them with what you’re doing to stay in touch, share photos that remind you of them and want to see them because you miss them and love them.

When it comes to family, relationships, best friends, and maybe even pets, the distance has the power to bring people closer. The absence of having your dad always asking if you ate yet, a boyfriend picking at your flaws which he thinks it’s cute, a best friend’s obnoxiously weird jokes that you never understand, or even responsibility of having to walk the dog when you’re at your laziest mood, all gone. Instead, you think about how your dad is caring and there to make you food, boyfriend who accepts who you are and making you smile, inside jokes with that friend that only you two share, and the dog that made you feel warm hearted when they are falling asleep.

Sometimes love does not equal being together. You can love your family, but dislike living in the family. You can love your best friend, but can’t be compatible roommates. Relationships are complicated and just when you think you have enough of them, it’s time to separate for a while. You miss them again. When you miss home, you return and then realize all the drama between siblings and parents and yelling that you didn’t have to deal with if you were living alone. The cycle begins again.

Distance is also a test. For relationships that may not last, the string of connection can break. Best friends can lose touch with each other after attending different colleges. Relationships can be put on the line and to test in long distance relationships. Distances teaches you and tests the trust, motivation, and strength.


“A thing is mighty big when time and distance cannot shrink it.” ~Nora Neale Hurston