Teenagers can get a permit once they reach 16 and start driving school and get a driving’s license before reaching the age of 18. I’ve always thought, No rush. There is plenty of time and it’s not a priority right now. After high school graduation, I have never felt what is like to sit in the driver’s seat and drive a car. Since college is in another state, there is no opportunity to drive. When am I going to drive? Who’s car am I going to drive? I went to the DMV and got a permit. To accomplish something, the hardest part is to take the first step. Now that permit is on hand and in my wallet, technically, it’s approval from the government to let me drive on the road as a learner! Exciting! 


I’ve never been scared of driving; in fact, I loved the feeling of the wind swooshing by my face when I drove go karts or snow mobiles. It was exciting to be moving faster than walking with every thing under the effortless control in your hands and feet. Actual driving is different. I didn’t think so at first but it’s much different than what I thought.

What did I think it was going to be like? I thought it was a simple thing that you just gradually learned to do without too much teaching and you just get the hang of after a while; which is true in some sense. I’ve been a passenger in a car from a little kid to now, and have watched how the car sped up on highways, when to stop, the movement of the windshield wipers on raining or snowing days. What I didn’t know is what the driver did to do everything; I was fairly oblivious to what the driver did and I did not find out about a lot of rules until after starting to drive myself. Oh you have to step on the brake to change gears? Which way do you turn the steering wheel if you’re backing up from a parking spot? Which mirror do I look at and when? Push down for turning on left signal and push up for going right? All these things that I knew the result of but did not know what exactly the driver has to do to get that result.


Driving is actually a bit intimidating at times. The feeling of having a whole vehicle with others in the car that you’re responsible for if something happens. You need to learn how to multitask and be aware of your surrounding at all times and be alert. Even if you’re a great driver and have done nothing wrong yourself, you never know when bad luck hits and an accident caused by a bad driver or accidents come for you. That trains your fast reaction time. What to do and how fast you respond if something happens. The worst and scariest feeling is the times when you feel everything going in slow motion and you think that you might seriously get injured; for example, falling asleep by accident and lose sight of the road, car turns in circles when driving on the icy highway, and many other potential horrible accidents.

With all the vehicles on the road going at a fast or even slow speed, mixed with pedestrians, bikers and even animals at times, there are just so much possibilities and chances that something will happen. So be careful out there! It’s serious. Over time, maybe you have been driving for two years and you’ve never gotten a ticket or got yourself in an accident before and others consider you as a safe driver. You start taking driving less seriously. Having one drink and driving is okay to others and then you have come to think it’s okay as well or you’re a big texter and when it’s a stop light, you just crave checking to see what messages you received for a second or since you’re know the distance is short and the drive won’t take too long and you decide not to wear a seat belt. All these small habits can be developed without too much intention and overtime, they can lead to bad consequences.

Like many other things, as a watcher, it doesn’t seem too difficult, you overlook the complexity and knowledge that the do-er has in whichever field but if you were the one doing the task, you realize that it’s harder than you perceived it to be. Some thing make up is easy, you just dip a brush and put it on someone face. As long as you know where to put it and how to put it, it should be fine. Others think being a movie critic is easy peazy, how fun would it be to just go and watch movies and just write about what you think of it? Some think professional models have it easy, all they have to do is show off their bodies and walk around and look pretty. All things that you have not yet experiences may SEEM easy but is hard once you experience it first hand. Agree?