We view discounts, deals, and coupons all as goodies that help us save money, to get a better price than what we have to pay for. As much as I wish it is 100% true, it’s not, unfortunately. I felt very satisfied about myself yesterday after I wrote the article about tips for saving money, but today, it occurred to me first handedly again that proves discounts and deals can’t make you spend unnecessary money.

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I have so many examples that are flowing through my head from wanting the samples at Sephora, 50% off of ticketed price on sale items on that day at the thrift shops, groupon deals, and even vacation packages. is wonderful, when I used it yesterday. Let me tell you. We were going shopping in Wrentham outlet in Massachusetts, I planned out the day before to see what places we can eat around there on to save money as well. We purchased a $10 certificate for a small price for Omega pizza. We got a small house special calzone and large meatball grinder for the price of $17, after using the $10 coupon, only $7 for that food. It was a lot of food! We only managed to finish half of the one 12 inch grinder and half of the calzone and we felt stuffed! Shopping at Wrentham for 4 hours is tiring, walking through all stores while carrying the purchased items. It was hot outside which made us thirsty and hungry quicker. By 6 pm, we were hungry again. You have no idea how good the calzone that was filled with pepperoni, ham, mozzarella cheese, green peppers and mushrooms tasted and the bite of the meatball grinder, sipping on sprite. All of that tasted even better than lunch because anything we ate was delicious + yumminess on a desperate stomach, on a hot sunny day after shopping for 4 hours. On the drive back home, I thought, wow the $7 (a little more including the certificate purchase) fed 2 people for lunch and dinner!

I had that in mind and that expectation was hard to beat. The next day, we decided to go somewhere for lunch. I looked up nearby restaurants in my neighborhood on and near the shopping areas that I was planning on going. I found a middle eastern/medditeranean high rating restaurant, so I thought why not try it out since it’s conveniently located but I have never eaten there before. Got a $20 certificate and minimum purchase is $35, which isn’t too hard to reach in a two $$ restaurant. We ordered a hot dish, a kebab dish and a cold appetizer which came out to the total of $38 including tax. After using certificate, it is $18 not including tip which we had to pay. So total was $22 for two people which is the price of a regular restaurant that we would have gone to of our choice of Asian cuisine if we didn’t have limited choices. The reason why we did not think it was worth it regardless of the price was that we did not enjoy the food so much. The taste and how the whole dish was did not fit to our standards. Let’s just say that we preferred eating something else for the same total price we paid. Ayyyy we left the restaurant with disappoint, felt like we wasted our money on bad food we wouldn’t have eaten if it wasn’t for the certificate.

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See what I mean, it’s just like purchasing fondue set or sleeping bag on slickdeals when you thought it was the best deal ever when you saw it, but after purchasing it, you don’t end up using it anyways. Buying something you don’t need or wouldn’t have it there was no deal is a waste of money, although you convince yourself that it’s a good deal and might come in handy in the future.

Be careful! It may be an awesome deal but could be a trap! Figure out whether you’re the customer that the deal is targeting, buying it when you don’t need it.