It comes at a time when there are more than one amazing movies showing in theaters that you really want to see. Especially since I hadn’t had a chance to see them when they were first released for the first few days it came out. It’s been a week since Hangover III was released and before I had a chance to see that, Now You Can See Me is also now showing. How do you decide on over the other and if you have the time, why not see both.


So yesterday, after dinner, two friends and I went to watch the Hangover part 3 and Now you See Me at the movie theatre. As fun and exciting as that may sound, don’t under estimate how tiring sitting down and watching a movie can be. Standards are fairly low for the first movie and it’s fresh and new. After two hours of sitting down, sitting down for another 2 hours for the second movie is not as easy. You’re patience level is lower and expectation naturally rises, hoping that the second one better be good because you’ve sat through two hours already for one movie.

1. Plan ahead. I suppose you can just buy tickets for the movie you want to see and then just see what other movies are close to the time you’re out of the first one, but you might have to deal with missing part of the second movie or waiting for more than half an hour for the second movie to start. To avoid the two above un-ideal scenarios, plan ahead. It doesn’t even have to be that ahead. Do this a few days before or even the day off. I usually use TheaterTag to choose the theatre and the movies you want to see, I can then visually see the movies showing times and slots so I can easily plan when the best time to go is. That way, you’ll save time and be able to watch the whole movie for both knowing what you the movies times are and how long the break will be in between.

2. Tip: when you do this, make sure you bring some snacks with you. It was a moment of self discipline and control when a guy who was sitting a few seats next to me had curly fries and nachos. The aroma of fried deliciousness just spread throughout the theatre, or at least spread within 5 feet around him. When I was just starting to get hungry, that did not help.

3. Another tip: go to the bathroom. When you didn’t think you needed to go after watching one movie, you’ll regret it when you do have to go during the movie. Don’t you hate that? You don’t want to miss any part of the movie because you have to go pee, so you wait until you really can’t hold it in anymore, realizing that movie won’t be ending soon. Right when you get out of that theater room, you ran towards the closest bathroom and ran back as fast as you can, hoping that you didn’t miss anything. You ask your friend, and they say, oh you didn’t miss much. And then I always wonder, I missed something though, something happened during that 1-3 minutes I was gone. There has to be something.

4. Watch out. I did not know that consequences can follow from doing this, like the many things that people do so you think it’s legal but watch out. I don’t do this often since it’s time consuming and tiring, but ever once in a while, I want to watch two. Technically, the legal penalty for movie hopping is just like stealing something, because you are stealing another movie ticket; watching two movies for the price of one. Although penalties vary, fines, community service or probation, you’ll probably get kicked out of the theater for the first time. With that said, you can weigh your risks.

After the movies, it was already midnight when we were out of the theater. Four hours gone! Unlike at home, you can take a break whenever you want, do some stretches, bath room break, watch it at a later time, pause whenever desire. Guess what I did when I got home, munch munch munch. Filling up my tummy for the hunger that I didn’t get to fill at theater.