Today has gone slow; time passes slow when you’re doing nothing; or is it the opposite? Since I had no errands, plans, or work today, this whole week before my internship starts next week, I’ve been just passing time. Taking it slow, waking up without an alarm, taking my time with making my own breakfast, cleaning the room, flipping through storage of all my old stuff to see what to keep or donate, watching videos, playing games on my phone and more and more. All of which aren’t too important but this is good though. It’s nice to finally slow life down into segments and do nothing. Pace will start picking up again when work starts for the summer and then when school starts in the fall, but summer is the time to recharge, make you crave for knowledge, get excited for school again, and to fully concentrate when it’s time to.


When there isn’t anything on your list to do, life is kind of aimless. When you are home alone, it gets really quiet. It’s so peaceful. I sit on my window seat, staring out the window while the sunshine gleams through. When things are busy, there’s no time to do what you truly want to do, to reflect, to think. This is perfect. You have time to stare off into space and to reflect on progress and do what ever it is that you feel like doing and just do it. At school, you might be sitting in class, but you’re thinking about being outside. Now, if I want to go outside and jog, why not? Throw on some shoes, get a bottle of water and let’s go. I feel lazy so let’s just lie down and play Hardest 2 on my phone. I’m hungry, I’m going to go downstairs to scavenge for some food to eat. Flexibility is awesome. Having nothing to do and worry about it’s awesome.

It’s only been 2 days of nothingness and I’m loving it. It feels like I can never get tired of this but I’m sure that too much of these nothing to do days, I will run of having this much fun; instead, peacefulness might turn into boredom. When that happens, then you feel like crap. That would be a sign to go out there and do something. At the moment, life is great. The freedom and choices feels great. I get to call up a friend and hang out and just chat about anything. Walk down to the near by Starbucks and get a caramel frappuccino and walk around in the park. Take some pictures of my unused makeup that I no longer want to keep and sell it on Poshmark. Every day, there is only 1 errand or thing on my to do list; perfect. It’s a small accomplishment of the day, the rest is what ever it is life takes me. I believe if everyday was like this, brilliant ideas will result one day and true meaning of my life’s purpose will surface. ….or I might go crazy.