Amazon is amazing, in so many ways. Like yesterday, I posted used textbooks and books I’ve found that were in great condition to sell on amazon. Few hours later, two of the books got sold! Wonderful!


I would say it was a hit and a miss. One book which was a calculus hard cover textbook I found in the school donation box, cost me nothing, but earned a complete profit of $60, would have been more if it wasn’t for the amazon fees and shipping fee, which has definitely increase over the years. That’s a hit. Well done. The miss is another Society: The Basics book I purchased for sociology course. I purchased the book on amazon used for $74, amazon showed me that I’ve purchased the book when I was on the book listing book, deciding on selling it. With the used price competition range, I’m ashamed to say that I sold it, but only for $10. This is was a major loss, it’s not even 20%. That’s what happens when new editions comes out and the previous edition becomes worthless. That’s obviously the miss.

It bothers me so much, when I see that the book’s listing price for Amazon is $200 or so, and then the new price is only $80 and then the used is $20! Jeesh those are big differences. Even though my book might be used, it can seem practically brand new, that makes a $60 difference. If lucky, Amazon has the sell back books for $16. They’re just going to buy the book from you and end up making a profit. Either way they make profit because if you decide to list the book for sale in used, they take a percentage of fees out which the profit may be even less than the sell back price if sold with all the extra work. It’s a hard decision sometimes.

I’m not sure what this teaches me, to find more free books that’s worth something and sell it to make complete turn around profits? To be lazy and just sell it to amazon for their sell back giftcard because it’s not worth it to go through all the trouble only to make the same or even less money? Never buy books new because even if you’ve flipped through it a few times, it becomes used and then a newer edition just comes out and then the book is really worth much less.