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I create goals for myself whenever I feel that I need to change for a better self. Sometime it just happens that I’m trying something new whether it’s for the better or worse, can’t simply be told right away. I realized that there a few changes that I’m making in the past week. For better or worse, but I’ve noticed that they are small steps of changes.

In no particular order.

1. Reading something printed for half an hour or more.

It’s no big deal; I read all the time, mostly on line and mostly personal matters, like emails from four different email accounts or articles posted on facebook or other blogs. Now, since I have a fairly decent amount of time, I’m starting to find that reading things in printed is quite soothing. Something different about reading and physically flipping through the pages rather and be in control of the physical book, magazine, newspaper. Maybe it just feels good to not do everything all on one device for a change, which sounded like the ultimate advertisement for buying an iPhone or Mac. Finished a super short novel called Five Minute time manager for college students, a book that my mom bought hoping that the siblings would read it as their college years are approaching. Didn’t think it was spectacular and it was self-explanatory, but I think it’d all really help if you read it and actually followed and adopted the tips and made it your own; no doubt that you’ll be more efficient and organized. Now I’m on a reading track, borrowed the book A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink from the library. Hopefully I’ll finish it within a month, so I don’t need to renew it. It doesn’t even feel like a burden, like you’re falling asleep when you’re reading if you’re actually interested in what you’re reading. You learn more and begin to read faster, a skill that I’m sure will come in handy.

2. Walking everywhere.

This is hard, in many dimensions. Not all the routes are walkable, and you give up when you see that walking from point A to destination takes 30 minutes when driving is only take a third the time. Walking every is not only good for your personal health but is eco-friendly. It’s a new exploration all in and of itself as you walk. You discover the flowers, little animals and things in a closer light when your pace is slower.

3. Game of Thrones

It’s one of those things that you probably wouldn’t like if you stumbled on it, so you stop watching after the first 5 minutes because it’s too boring. Then many of your friends around you ask you if you watch the show and it’s gets the hype in the media, and you wonder what the big deal about it is. There must be some attractiveness and appeal many people like it. Then I research on imdb to see how the ratings are; Game of Thrones is rated 9.3/10 on imdb. That’s extremely high! That’s probably the highest one I’ve seen.

4. Carrying a small notebook in my purse. With a pen.

This comes in extremely handy! Not only when you need a pen to write something or need to quickly draw down a number you can’t remember in your head. You can also use it when you’re bored to doodle, write down some notes, or play connect 4 with a friend when waiting at the doctor’s office. Use it to make a to do list of what you need to get done on that day/week.

5. Write down expenses every day.

Every night before I sleep, I write down all the expenses that I used on for that day, especially the cash spendings. For money used on the card, there’s less need to write down since they can always be tracked and analyzed on the computer. Cash spendings build up as well and you wonder where you’re $100 have gone after a week.

6. Smoothie-ing!

Since I’ll be starting work next week, I will be bringing a cup of smoothie made out of delicious fruits or veggies! I want to have fruits and veggie intake but never have the motivation or desire to eat them. I decided that it’s time to start! I purchased a Hamilton personal blender for $15 on amazon. I just blend it and take it top part as a traveling cup to go! I can’t wait to start blending! Let’s see how much better my body feels with the extra amounts of nutrition.