WBM (Photo credit: Akira’s pictures)

With two other guy friends, I ended up going to the Wicked Big Meet, which I had not idea what it was. Apparently, every year there’s a WBM, largest gathering of Subaru enthusiasts. I expected a bunch of Subaru vehicles parked in  big parking lot with some vendors advertising and BBQ.


It was somewhere along those lines, kind of. Everyone who went drove some kind of Subaru and in the huge parking lot, it’s all subarus parked one after another. Since we went when it started, there was a long line that went up the hill since tickets were checked before entering the area where all the vendors were. I thought it was ridiculous, paying $20 to see cars and talk to vendors with their discounts. Thankfully, I did get some free goodies, but that still prove it was worth the 7 hours of time and $20. I just thought of it as a new experience and exercising opportunity to be walking around, like shopping for about 5 hours of that time. I might have watched Game of Thrones all day if I stayed at home.


I saw many people with their GoPro mounted on their car, on their hat, or on a stick so it can record what can’t be seen when in a crowd. We had one ourselves too; recording the cars that were displayed, the exhaust competition, and just the scene with all the subarus.

Maybe it’s because I’m a female, I didn’t feel like it was all that exciting, mainly because I didn’t really understand what was special when I looked at the engine under the hood, or what car parts I was even looking at when they were selling it. I know that I would like to driven in one at a super fast speed. I suppose it’s like looking at Gucci purses or Dolce dresses for ladies as for guys looking at cars? Not sure if that’s the right comparison.

The most exciting part of the whole thing wasn’t even at the Wicked Big Meet after paying the admissions fee, but going there. For our region, people who were going there met locally in a parking lot half an hour before the starting time. People did their meet and greet for half an hour and then all drove their own Subaru to the venue where WBM is happening. At that early morning, there were no other cars parked in the parking lot of the shopping center except all of us. It was fun to see Subaru after Subaru in a single file exiting the parking lot, on the high way, all the way from there to the destination there. One after another, lined up, rumpling with their loud engines and zooming with their speed. When the “leader” of the pack, the car in the front of the line signaled and switched to the right lane, all the rest followed. It was coolest thing ever; I was just turning my neck and looking back the whole ride there, amazed by this one of a kind opportunity to see such sights. Other drivers on the road who weren’t aware that there was such event, seemed very confused as to what was happening. Is this a prank?


Subaru drivers had so much pride in their cars, and their “membership” in the Subaru family. This belonging and pride relates to how we feel about our fraternity and sorority, sport teams, colleges, company, home city, ethnicity, and more. I can understand that. This is a great networking event, in joining people under this one interest for cars, and love and loyalty for Subaru.