I would think that the first few days of work are the most difficult. The workload might be overwhelming given that you’re not familiar with the work you’ll be doing for the first time at that work location and company. Even if you’re familiar with the work that is expected of you, you’ll still need to find you niche and get familiar with the work environment, coworkers and even supervisors. No doubt was I quite nervous and excited at the same time when heading to work today, given that it is my first official day today.

I arrived at the office 10 minutes early and was asked to wait for my manager. I had to wait for about 20 minutes since she was busy and coming out of a meeting, but as nurses and administrators walked by the area I was waiting, they said hi and introduced themselves to me. It was nice that they knew this “new girl” was coming as an intern for the summer. After seeing my manager, who I’ve met already from interview process, we went into her office to chitchat. We set the hours for work and waited for the other intern to arrive, who was supposedly late because she missed the shuttle bus.

When the other intern arrived, our manager gave us two interns a tour of the building, including where the conference rooms are, vending machines, bathrooms, and all the different departments, including Allergy and Immunology, Pain management center, Radiology, Physician Group and many more clinical services that were provided. I was amazed of how many different departments, offices and space there are. I did not imagine this place to have so much as an outsider driving pass this building so often.

We then went into a reserved conference room to have  a small information session where the manager lectured us on the dress code, policies, professionalism, etc etc all the basic work stuff. The tour of the facility was very cool and then it was time to get down to the nitty gritty business. What will we be doing today.

Summing up, I did light organizing documents and fun coloring session (highlighting information). Personally, I think the day went buy really fast; given that I enjoy repetitive task to a certain degree for only a certain amount of time. Remember in another post where I said repetitive tasks is soothing to me? Since our hospital is moving to a paperless system, all the patient forms and billing documents needed to be put into chronological order and we’ll be scanning them into the computer tomorrow. Since us two interns finished our tasks much faster than the supervisor had anticipated, we got an one hour lunch instead of the normal half an hour. Since there was no more work for us to do when we finished that day’s work, we were let out two hours early but still getting paid for the typical 8 hour day. How awesome is that! Since department is going through renovations, I will have my own cubicle space in the administrative office in two weeks with my personal computer and space, exciting!

I can’t wait to see what being a manger is like, giving that I will be working along side with the manager most of time and shadowing her to offer her my helping her on her projects that she deals with on a daily basis. Yay! So far so good!