After surviving the first week of internship, I’m coming to a realization that I’ve been avoiding since the creation of this website. My intent was to write an article every single day. I knew it will be challenging but a number of reasons but still hoped to accomplish it and aimed for that goal. I’m afraid these have come true and are difficult to escape. Sometimes I’m not sure if it’s better to set a high goal and not reach it, or to set a low one but reach it; the end results might conclude to the same outcome anyways.

I will outline the reasons for what makes this a challenging goal and relate it to other goals in life along the way.

1. Time constraints

When I had nothing much going on throughout the week, writing a day wasn’t difficult since I can dedicate any time of the day to writing. It was fun and thought provoking. But now since work is 8:30 am to 5 pm Monday to Fridays, the time that I used to have is no longer available for thinking and writing. I have time for reading during my lunch break or even during the downtime at work but the day ends rather quickly each night and midnight approaches faster and my bedtime has shifted from 2 am in the morning to midnight, given that I need to wake up by 7:30 am every morning on working days. So the question is how do I find time to wonder aimlessly and write. It seems as though we’re constantly battling against time. Goals have specific deadlines, and deadlines means there are only a number of days and hours to finish the task. This is why we need to be conscious of our productivity on a daily basis and to create a daily to do list to boost our efficiency and productivity.

2. Content and novelty

I was asked by this question often whenever I tell others that I have a blog where I write every day. What do you write about? The answer is simply whatever ideas, thoughts or events that captures that day or moment that I wish to record down. No more questions. That’s cool, they’d say. But I fear that I might have nothing to write about; if there’s nothing to draw down, the goal can’t be accomplished since it’s solely based on writing. Work hasn’t been exactly helpful when it comes to giving me novel ideas since the work is fairly standard and repetition from day to day only allows so many thoughts worth noting down in the end of the day. Information is based on content, not just regular information, but creative and original content. Content that is unique and cannot be replaced easily by other sources found elsewhere. That’s what makes something special and last in the long run; it’s one of a kind and scarce so the demand is high.

3. Mindset

The first two are the main reasons. There’s not enough time in the day; with the limited amount of time, no time gets allocated to this website, in creating a new post for the day. If there is some free time, the question comes down to what to write about, which depends on a variety of factors: more time and events from that day and inspiration to get the writing started. In the end of the day, I would say a large part of this whole thing is the mindset I establish. The first time I was closed to missing the post for the day, I plowed through the post and slept later than I’d liked knowing that I can’t miss it. I have postponed the first missed entry for as long as I can because I knew that after missing the first one, I might get comfortable and let myself off the hook easier; the mindset of “I’ve done it once, it’s okay for a second time”. This is usually doing something wrong that you shouldn’t have, like spitting in public, littering, procrastinating studying until the day before exam and more. In this case, it’s the opposite: not doing something. Both are the same idea though; the fact that you feel more eased to do a wrong action or to not do what you’re supposed to do, knowing that you’ve gone through it once and it will be alright to do it again since there was no consequence for the previous time. This is a trap! You’re taking a risk and can develop into a habit (a bad one). Don’t let yourself slowly get off the rails; stay on track and focused towards the goal at the end of the tunnel.

I am lowering my goal from daily to once a week, but will aim to exceed that minimum requirement that I set for myself.