How can I neglect to write a Father’s Day post if I wrote one for Mother’s Day? Today’s Father’s Day, June 16, 2013. It might be just me and the way my family is structured, but Father’s Day isn’t as big of a deal as Mother’s Day. One day is more special than the other depending on which parent had more presence in your life and more influence on you throughout your childhood and life in general. For me at least, it involves a simple card, words of happy father’s day and a small gift; whereas mother’s day involves more thought process in thinking of a new gift each year and ways to make it different from the last.

Today’s question of the day with the father’s day special is one that I’ve talked about with a friend before. We had disagreeing views but isn’t that what makes arguments fun. What is point of arguing and talking if the other person agrees with you 100%? That wouldn’t be very entertaining or eye opening at all! In my opinion and observation, I tend to believe that daughters are closer to fathers, and sons are closer to mothers. You already know me, of course I don’t believe that to be the case for every parent and child, but just generally speaking, the majority perhaps. For example, I’m already one good example as the exception to the case.

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I don’t have a scientific explanation or fancy supporting evidence for why I believe fathers and daughters are closer and mothers and sons are closer, but it just seems that way to me. As I scroll down through the facebook posts for today, a majority were ladies who had pictures up and status saying how much they love and appreciate their dad. I only saw a few with guys saying their appreciation. Now that I think about it, it’s also the case for mother’s day where it was mostly the females showing their love to the world. So maybe that concludes that guys are not very open to the world and expressive online about their affections? But nonetheless, I stand fairly strong on my side.

I believe that in a typical traditional family: dad, mom, daughter and son (no divorces, both are biological real parents). I think that dad is closer to daughter and mother to son. I suppose it could be something with the opposite sex because I usually find that mothers are strict with their daughters and so as a result the daughters finds the fathers for protection and support. Vice versa, the fathers are strict with their sons and the sons go to the mothers who tend to be more lenient. That’s just what I think from what I see in a lot of families.

I originally when I thought I’d prefer having daughters, giving the case that me and my mom are so close, how we can relate and talk to each other about almost anything. Now if my theory is true, then should I hope for a son rather than a daughter? I’m not sure anymore. I guess it gives a reason for both sides Boy or girl my future kid is, I will strive to be the best mother and give him/her the best I can provide, in guiding them on the right path that they walk for themselves.