When I’m old, I bet I’ll reflect on life with many insights and experiences to share, feeling like I have words of wisdom to pass on to the youngions. For me as a young adult, I thought of how most people’s life follows the same cycle. It all follows the basic trend that we can’t escape of birth from mother’s womb, walking, talking, schooling, graduating, working, getting old, sick and helpless and death. Along that basic route, we all separate into many branches and diversions depending on our experiences, choices we make, and the person we become from the influences from the environment and people we surround ourselves with.

This is Life
I’m sure that older people must have tips and advice on the shortcuts to tell us if we’re interested in talking with them. I find that most elderly are very talkative and welcomes attention when others’ voluntarily spends time with them. They like to tel you about their love for piano, husband’s years in the army, and each and every one of their family members. I also realize that most of them tend to get carries away in their stories and become great story tellers and once in a while, they’re also interested in finding out more about you. Even if you nod as they tell you their stories and show you pictures, sometimes when a story ends, they would ask you questions and is interested in seeing what kind of person you are. It’s funny that they can always find something related to what you’ve said with people they know or their experiences. I can only imagine how many chapters they have accumulated in their personal book throughout the decades. 

We often neglect and underestimate how much knowledge, emotions, and experiences each old person contains in their head. The typical conception is a sympathetic feeling towards them for their degrading health condition and lifestyle, but we should have more respect for each and every one of them. When I’m old, I will want those that are younger than me to at least treat me with dignity and respect. Just because someone seems powerless and weak, unable to do much, doesn’t mean that we should treat them any different. I admire those seniors who are living independently and managing their way around. The nice 80 years old lady that I chatted for an hour with when I was canvassing for a political campaign, told me stories about her drive to the hospital and hiring workers to mow her lawn. She also told me about the ignorant teenage boys who broke her street lights and threw rocks at her windows for no particular reason.

The reason I started to write about the elderly today because I chatted with my grandparents for over an hour after dinner. Usually I’m in college and usually do not have much time throughout the year at home, not to mention to spend time with them. I don’t want to regret not hanging out with them as much as I would have liked or learned as much about them as I could have, when they are no longer present in this world. Life is too short and we not only need to appreciate the time that we have to live ourselves, but also to cherish the time that we have with those that are older than us. Not even that, with our family members, siblings, friends, or stranger, death can come at a surprise at times and we never know when someone can just disappear from our reality. Never say anything that you cannot bear as the last thing you say to someone. 

No need to fight about little things, argue over who should clean the room, or blame the other person about the bad decisions. A day passes is a day that passes, might as well live it happily than to let the time slip by in a frown. I suppose it’s best to be open minded, forgiving and not take things too seriously to heart. Have a peaceful mind and carry on.