Day 3: November 27, 2013

From food to shopping to more food. It’s usually the sight seeing, food or people that captivates each place.

At morning, buffet style fancy shmancy breakfast at 8:30 am in Capital Hotel. A fusion of western breakfasts (baggels, coffee, cereal) to asian cuisines (buns, fried noodles, porridge etc). It seems though yellow oranges is a common fruit here. Is it hard to believe that this is also my first time trying passion fruits? First impression: I love the texture of the crunchiness of the seeds, but too sour x.x

Capital Hotel Breakfast Buffet
Capital Hotel Breakfast Buffet

Errands with dad in his business in meeting with labor union supervisors and nonprofit foundation’s managers.

Lunch in a restaurant with reservation: you know, those private rooms with a large round table that has a spinning middle so everyone can reach all the entrees. Of course I took pictures of all (most) of the plates. It’s a quite chaotic trying to eat, take pictures, and talk at once as each plate of food comes at different times throughout the meal. We had a party of 13, squished in one big table. Too full to eat anything else for a good few hours.

Taipei 101: advertised in the building as the 3rd tallest building in the world. Guinness book of records for fastest elevator by Toshiba (37 seconds from 5 to 89 floor). a 360 degree observation where we spent most of our time. A telephone looking device is passed to each person and you can go at whichever location you like and press the number corresponding to your region to listen to a brief overview of what you can observe outside the window. Interesting to view the mass damper which is designed to reduce any swaying movement of the building by 40% (withstand winds and earthquake tremors). It is a financial center on certain floors, shopping mall with top brands, and tourist observational floors.


More Food! (when I thought I wouldn’t eat for a while, well here we go again) I love the small snacks here and there by the small vendors along the streets the best. Today I chose Ma Ling Shu (not sure how to translate it-Horse Bell Potatoes?). Around 65 TW =$2.50 ish. Essentially it’s a crispy fried potato that is stuffed with ingredients of your choice (Hawaiian themed, or sausage, broccoli, egg, etc) and topped with warm cheese.


It’s time to move on from the bubble tea. I’ve had way too many in my lifetime, time to try new drinks. Tried Milk with Black Sugar(50TW=$2), yummmm. Apparently Black sugar is different than brown sugar.


Haircut: I assure you that the service is better than in the U.S. Massage will either be prior to hair washing or during or both. Surprised that here, they massaged my shoulders and neck while I sat on the chair as the first thing when I sat down. Then after 10 min massage, I laid down on the sofa chair where my hair was in the sink. Two rounds of shampooing and one round of conditioner. They didn’t massage me during conditioner phase which is what I’m used to in China. Got an 1.5 inch of hair trimmed and slightly layered with bangs trimmed as well. Nicely blow dried straight, hair feels super soft afterwards. Cost: 339 TW=$12

Modern Toilet restaurant: well known and recommended by friends, I suppose I have to check it out. Food is nothing special, but mainly there for the experience of sitting on a toilet and eating food from toilet shaped bowls, sink shaped plates, and bathtub designed tables. Warm bread shaped like poop, soft serve icecream in poop shape…you get the idea. A plate of food is around 360 TW=$13, tea was 150 TW =$5. It’s one of those once in a lifetime for me, I won’t go again for the food itself, but it’s worth the experience and pictures.

110 119

Shopping in small stores on the street: I got so much cute little stuff! They all added up to 1150TW=$41. Didn’t look too much at how much each thing costs, just put what I liked into a basket. Now that I look at it, it’s okay, it’s not as cheap as I thought it was. They’re mainly unique for its cuteness and taiwan tailored products which I’ve purchased for souvenirs for friends back home. [won’t post pictures for this. I want the small souvenirs to be a surprise 🙂 ]

Unfortunately, it was drizzling and raining, so I didn’t want to shop for long. Called it a night around 10 pm, due to my jet lag pulling my eyelids shut every few seconds. Now that I’m back in the hotel, I’m motivating myself to write today’s blog before I get lazy and forget by tomorrow. Patting myself on the back. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s plans!