Taiwan Day 4: November 28, 2013

Capital hotel breakfast: starting the morning with another day of buffet style for breakfast, with anything that I’m feeling at the moment, from croissants, to omelet, to exotic fruits.


National Palace Museum: a national museum with a collection of ancient artifacts and artworks in the world. Well known items include the Jadecite Cabbage, meat-shaped stone, and top calligraphy and artworks by top caligraphist. Tip: arrive early, go in the morning. Too many tourists groups and it can get very crowded in starting from noon time! Another tip, usually museum gifts are over priced, but take a look, you might find something and they’ll make great souvenirs. I purchased 5 posters, for 50TW each = less than $2! I plan on getting frames for them; perfect for artwork as decorations.

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Amimoto Restaurant: delicious 5 five course meal for lunch. Expensive yes around 800TW per person=$27. Great delicacies that I got to try, a fushion of taiwanese and japanese cuisine. Definitely great atmosphere for business or dates. Will want to go back for sure, if I have a chance next time.


Beitou hot springs: a visit to Beitou district. The Beitou hot spring museum featured information on the the history, minerals, and how the hot spring is formed. You don’t have to go into the water! Must see Beitou Thermal Valley! Be prepared to smell sulfur (like rotten eggs). Very beautiful scene with the mist over pond!


Danshui River Mangrove Nature Reserve: relaxing nature walk on the path surrounded by trees and bamboos; both walking path and bikers path available. If I lived here, I would go for a morning run or bike trip every morning for sunset.


Tamsui District: region with church, universities, waterfront by the pier, and great food. Features preserved historical buildings.

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Originally, I wanted to go to the DS Hospital themed restaurant! but I can’t believe they’re actually no longer in business! From pictures, I saw waitresses dressed as nurses, they’d give you drinks in tubes or needles, you’d sit on wheelchairs to enjoy the delicious meals. How unfortunate.

Fisherman’s Wharf and Lover’s Bridge: wish I was here with my boyfriend! A nice stroll on the bridge, overlooking the water. Walk along the pier, great food by the sunset, shopping, everything you can want in a romantic date.


Shilin Night Market: considered one of the largest night market in the city. Can be quite overwhelming, with so many vendors for everything you want to buy and anything you want to eat. You can just get full by trying all kinds of food! If not, there is a basement level under the market building, where you can sit down and eat food grilled or made in front of you. Maybe a bowl of noodles or fried seafood?

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Everything you’d want to buy, maybe even things you didn’t know you’d want on your to buy list!


I purchased:

10 pairs of cute socks (200TD=$7)

2 pairs of thick black leggings perfect for cold winters in New England (400 TD=$14)

lots of stickers/decals (30TD each=$1)

many large wall sticker decoration decals (200TD=$7)

“iron eggs”: known in taiwan, comes packaged and can vary in different flavors.

Necklaces (around 100 TD =$3)

iphone cases (around $200TD = $7)

colored contact lenses (5 pairs for 180TD = $6)

and many many small cutesy stuff.