China Airlines To/from Taipei from JFK New York

Itinerary  to Taipei:

14 hrs 20 min: JFK NY to Osaka, Japan

3 hours 10 min: Osaka, Japan to Taipei, Taiwan

I’m quite impressed with China Airlines! Free Chardonnay or wine?! I was obsessed with the desserts. Liked the sweets the most and the fruits the least. Desserts were always on point, if not the best I’ve eaten compared in like Cheesecake Factory. Fruits were either canned fruits or not too fresh. You’ll be sure to be full though after each meal, especially given that you’re not exercising much on the plane anyways. There are no menus; flight attendants verbally tells you the two options you have for the main entree and the other sides stays the same. Vegetarians are served first before everyone else on the plane, because they have a count of the specific passengers with dietary needs marked.

Three meals:

Meal #1: Curry Beef with rice, chicken tuna salad, mixed fruits, cheesecake, warm bread, and coffee/tea.


Meal #2: Fish over rice, mixed fruits, warm bread, Almond Joy and coffee/tea.


Meal #3: Stir fry chicken with peppers, shrimp seafood salad, mixed fruits, warm bread, moist vanilla cake and coffee/tea


Itinerary from Taipei:

2 hours 20 min: Taipei to Osaka, Japan

12 hours 50 min: Osaka, Japan to JFK NY

A small snack and three meals on the plane:

Snack #1: this is so much better than the typical small cookies or pretzels! Go china airlines for asian snacks!

China airlines asian snack
China airlines Asian snack

Meal #1: Roasted Chicken over pasta noodles, tuna salad, warm bread, tea/coffee, and super soft moist vanilla cake!

Did you know? I discovered for the first time, that the Chardonnay was free, so I got it! why not? No age verification, no questions asked! You go China Airlines!


Meal #2: Beef with mashed potatoes, mixed fruits, warm bread, yay mmm vanilla cake, and coffee/tea.


Meal #3: Chicken noodles, mixed fruits, warm bread, orange juice, and coffee/tea.


Movies watched:

Pacific Rim

Red 2

The Heat

Grown Ups 2

A Little Bit of Heaven

The Big Fish

Friends with kids

Finding Mr.Right (international)

Tiny Times 1 (international)

A movie that I can’t remember the title of about a writer dad who tried to reunite the family and wishes the ex-wife who found someone else and in the end, all reunites together with their two kids who are teenagers and both wants to be writers.

Other movies includes: Man of Steel, Wolverine, 2 Guns, The Way Way Back, Now you see me, What Masie Knew, Snow White and the Huntsman, etc.

They had at least 30+ movies, selected shows, videos on destinations intros, games, 10+ radio stations etc. You’ll be entertained the whole flight or sleep if all else fails.