Date: November 30, 2013


Osaka airport: I had to get a souvenir! I always had the impression of everything being expensive at the airport stores, so usually I don’t go out of my way to shop unless it’s for a shot glass, which I collect from different places I’ve been to. I did not plan to purchase anything, until I saw Green Tea Kit Kats! I’m not sure why there’s a big hype about certain things, but I suppose it’s because it can only be purchased in Japan. All the products are marked with prices in Yen, which was quite frustrating. With no internet access and no way to communicate in Japanese, I predicted that the exchange rate is about 1000 Yen to $1, so I thought each box is only around $2, not bad. I grabbed two boxes of kit kats and a peach smelling hand lotion.

Green Tea kit kats
Green Tea kit kats

Boy, was I wrong! The exchange is 100 Yen to $1, which means a box of kit kats (1500Yen) = $15! I just spend $30 on green tea kit kats! These better be heaven, I thought in my head. Realizing that I have not purchased many souvenirs yet, I bought a Matcha tea ($10) and a smaller Japanese tea ($5) and  seaweed tea drink ($2) to try.