I’ve got in store another upcoming trip/vacation lined up!

Trip: 5 nights Western Caribbean

Destinations: from Tampa to Grand Cayman and Cozumel

Date: Jan 11 – Jan 16, 2014

Cost Breakdown: $518/person

-flight tickets from Hartford to Tampa $190

-cruise fare $259 + taxes and fees $69

Carnival Inspiration

In this cold winter time with snow and rain falling on random days, a vacation to a warm place is a dream that can become a reality. If you want to travel somewhere and is on a budget, I have a few tips. CRUISE!

1. Google flight: Use this as tool to check the airfare pricing to/from your location to a destination with a view of pricing charts of which days are cheapest and which location are most affordable. Feel free to adjust the amount of days and see how the pricing for the specific month and date changes. Enter in multiple airport stations for to/from include in the pricing and time comparisons. I use this whenever I need to search for flights.

2. Don’t limit yourself to just one departure port: If the nearest departure port does not have a great deal of cruise selections given the time of the year, don’t be afraid to try other ports as well. Sometimes it can be quite affordable if you find the right combination of flight tickets to the port and cruise price. This might require some research work between google flight and cruise websites, but it’s totally worth it in the end.

3. Flexibility: If you’re not restricted in destination and time, it is much easier to find a trip given that there are more options to find an affordable one. Pricing can be very different depending on the number of days of trip, time of the year, weather, etc.

4. How about a cruise? This is a good vacation idea if you don’t have/want to spend much time in planning out your day by day itinerary. A cruise has the basic itinerary created for you and there isn’t as much planning as on land vacation. It’s close to an all-inclusive vacation, given that many of your necessities are covered, the price of cruise includes the cabin (like hotel), meals, and entertainment. All of which might cost much more if it was an on land vacation.

Two weeks to prepare for the cruise.