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How true is this? It really made me think about life when I came across this picture. This reminds me of the collectible cards that kids use for battling like Pokemon, or Yu-Gi-Yo (do kids still play that anymore?).

There is so much truth in this simple picture, yet so little we can do about this hard truth.

It places life into three simple ideas: Time, Money, and Energy.

To reiterate:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Energy

This also shed light in an economic sense, regarding allocating resources. It makes me think that all the possibilities are endless when any one of those low bars are charged to full like the other two categories.

When we are young, we have the time and energy but no money, so end up wasting what we have on the internet, playing outside/video games. But what if the young kid also inherited massive amount of money or put the time and energy into making money? The possibilities are endless.

When we are an adult, as long as we are working and our health is in fairly good condition, we are spinning in the same cycle everyday that takes away all our time; for most people, the time isn’t even spent on something enjoyable, which is unfortunately.

I don’t even want to get to this last card of being old. Energy is the hardest to create, because it is accumulated and a result of all the habits and routines that we’ve done over the last however many decades and our genes to produce this energy/health. Either way, the energy bar dramatically diminishes down over time.

What I learned is that as humans, we have to go through this cycle and inevitable process. Very generalized, this picture captures just that, the normal three stages of life that is the typical.

Let’s say we want to stand out and be different.

Then it would be something like, a young kid spending time and energy to build a business to generate money. An adult using money and energy to create more time which also comes back to generating passive cash flow (be very helpful from child stage if any business are successful). And once we’re at the old stage, we maintained some of the energy from youth and adult to enjoy the wealth from money and have all the time in the world.