Something I wish I learned in college is about taxes. A lot of things should have been taught in college or even high school that would have been more useful but you know, they don’t. So many things I wish I knew earlier or even learned would make my life easier such as purchasing a home, file for taxes, or even investment 101. 

Talking about taxes. Majority of people are working the 40 hours jobs or even multiple jobs to support themselves and family. Even for college graduates, paying for a never ending debt is the way we start our lives in the real world. So sad. On top of that, by the time you finish paying for that, there’s mortgage payment from a house or you’re dumping away money renting a place. This is the way life is. At this point, you’re already digging a hole for yourself. You can’t not go to college since it’s almost an expectation in this job market.

In the past, I just passed along my things to my parents’ accountant.  Turbo tax is the way to go. This year, I’m going to learn how to file for taxes through there and we’ll see how it goes. 

Now, since small business is the American dream. Why not pursue it? Problem is that it is just so hard to start anything given how open ended starting a business is and if you don’t anyone who has, it’s almost not even on your mind. Do what everyone else does, get proper education, apply for jobs, work 40 hour week jobs. This is my life right here. I can’t complain because I actually do like my job in the corporate world with good benefits. My goal is to have some side business for extra income or have my only job be my own business; imagining having a flexible schedule and having full control of earnings potential is quite awesome. However, it does take a lot of motivation, discipline and guts to start and persist. 

That pretty much goes for anything. Hobbies and interests, college career, a business……. Taking the first step is always necessary and not giving up until a goal is accomplished. 

My goal is to start something and persist in doing it. Hopefully it’ll generate some side income too! Do what you love and money will follow right?