Wealth derives from passion. Passion for money perhaps but more so, a love for something. That “something” is so broad and open ended, which makes a majority of the people on Earth lost. Then opt to go the typical route of the rat race, mentioned in Robert Kiyosaki’s books. The idea that the safe route and the most typical path is to go to high school, go to education, and get a stable job. 


Developing for a passion comes naturally for some people but I’ve always wondered where passion comes from. What is the actual driving factor between those who has a passion for something vs those who don’t. 

1. I suppose exposure to new things is one factor. If you’re parents made you go to piano lessons, the opportunity may make you realize whether or not you have a passion for it. What puzzles me is what if you have the potential to be so talented in something but never get exposed to it. Like being a pilot perhaps, you might be the worlds best pilot but if you never had that exposure to drive anything, is that potential passion and talent wasted? 

2. Another factor that’s out of our control is just an innate feeling that we are born with. I have imagined that Mozart knew within him when he heard the sound of piano that he want to try it himself and then realized he was really good. There’s an inner drive that pushes you towards a direction for that passion.  The same instrument can be introduced to different people, but only a few of them may have that umph to learn and practice. 

Passion can derive from boredom. Good things arise from not so good things. It’s when you’re rejected from colleges that gets you thinking of options to make money. Or being unemployed and having nothing to do that gets to find an interest for yourself and see what you find yourself enjoy doing. It’s when you’re low on making ends meet, the hardship pushes you to brainstorm for business ideas. 

That’s a great starting point. See what you are doing already that you enjoy. Passion may seem like a serious commitment but start by thinking, “how am I spending my free time” or “what do I enjoy doing”. This may lead you towards a passion. 

To be honest I’m still working on this myself. I have many interests and hobbies but none I would label as a “passion”. I play the piano during my free time when I feel like it but I can survive without touching it for weeks. I’m addicted to certain social media like Instagram of fashion and food, and yelp of all new places. But, I think of passions as doing something even if you weren’t expected to do it and can spend the rest of your live doing it even if there’s no guarantee that money will derive from it. Now that’s a passion. 

My mind always floats to the thought of traveling and trying all kinds of foods when I have nothing on my mind. Could that lead to a passion? How do I use that passion and mold it into a business idea?