Are weddings worth it? I think our culture put too much emphasis on having that perfect day. The media with shows and movies portrays this day as most stressful and crazy day, filled with planning and money. 

What table drcorations? Gifts for guests? Venue? Date? Food? Dj? Like any big event, it’s a lot of planning. But wedding planners have it hard because people’s expectations are high and there’s only one chance to make it right. (Or two) 

In Chinese weddings, it’s usually in a restaurant or hotel. Stage is set up for a wedding anchor in hosting the different activities. Pictures are taking on stage with wedding attendees and gifts are in the forms of money in red envelopes. Depending on how close you are to the bride and groom, it may vary from $500-2000. One interesting observation is that bride and groom usually rent their clothing. The suit, wedding dress, makeup, photography, venue, may all be purchased as a package together. This may be controversial in American culture where the bride’s dress is uniquely customized for the bride and cost a fortune. 

Whatever kind of wedding is planned, as long as it’s a time that is used to cherish the new couple as they step into their new phase of life, it doesn’t matter where it is or how muchi money is spent on it. The only thing that matters is the memories that’s shared to look back on years down the road. 


May it be a joyful and stress free one.