Most places just want your email address in exchange for the potential that you’ll receive free samples. I feel for that mistake and had to unsubscribe for all the random emails I receive which should be spam.

I can vouch for one website that I trust in terms of receiving free items.

BzzAgent is a website that contains campaigns where brands with new products  that are about to go on the market choose a selective audience to send the sample to. I can say that in one year, I get selected/freebies 1-3 times. It’s not a lot but it’s something. Every user has a BzzScore, 1-10. I started out with a very good score in the green 7-10 range; but over the years, my score is trending downhill as I have less and less time compared to my high school years.

Basic idea: 

  • Sign up for free or else I wouldn’t have joined in the first place 
  • Do as many or all the surveys offered in your account as you can. Hit all the features surveys first because you can earn points and they are more likely to correlate to a campaign 
  • When there’s a campaign available that’s suitable for your profile, they will email you. Yay! You would need to join within the first two days. Upon joining the campaign, there will always be a pre-survey asking you about your perception of the brand and lifestyle. 
  • Best part! BzzAgent taped package will comes in! It usually includes a few samples, coupons to share, and a booklet of the product. 
  • Most important take away: engage in the campaign! The only way to earn more campaigns is to show that you’re an active participant by doing the campaign surveys, bzz reports, photos, reviews etc. A variety of activities are available for points and will vary based on campaign. A bzz representative will actually review your review or submissions and give you the amount of points you get. 
  • The more points, the higher your sore, the more campaigns! 

This word-of-mouth marketing is very intringuing and quite beneficial for all parties. Companies get opinions from customers and introduce the product to selected audience beforehand. BzzAgent gets to free products to try and coupons to use or share.

One thing to note: all campaigns are from well known brands that have products on the market: Crest, Gillette, Glad, Maybelline, etc.