There are tons of jobs out there when I look on Indeed, Glassdoor, and other job search engines, so just apply to a bunch that you think you might like and maybe out of 20 applications, you’ll receive one request for interview. Job postings usually sound intimadating with too much words and nonsense that is not easily understandable. It is just too much mumble jumble and we don’t usually know what we’re signing up for; we’re lucky if we even get a response. 

Currently I’ve been just kind of job searching. I receive notifications of jobs that matches my location and key word searches, but then there is rarely any title or listing that catches my eye or gets me excited to apply. Or once I apply, no response or results comes out of it and we’re back in square one. Even though I’m pretty young, I have had some experiences in a professional setting already. I have contrasting feelings about having a job sometimes. 

I would either want a job that pays really well (if I have to work hard, okay, at least I’m compensated for it), or a fairly easy-going job with lesser pay. Before I was in a role where after a few promotions, I felt stuck in a position where I was working and stressing over a job that didn’t correlate to the salary associated with it. There are just so many options out there that it’s not worth the time if it’s something that’s not enjoyable. Majority of people are in job that they don’t “mind”. If it was really terrible, you would have quit. If it was awesome, you’d do it for free. Most people probably end up in a job that pays the bills and is relatively in the middle with how much they like the job itself. Not loving it, not hating it. If you hate it that much, you would have looked into finding another job already. 

There have been many times where I have been approached with having a home business opportunity. I’m a pretty open minded person so I always listen; nothing wrong with listening with an open mind. There was Arbonne, Zeekrewards, Herbalife, etc. and recently, I was just approached with another one. I don’t want to get in the details but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about these type of businesses. Upon researching online, I’m hopeful for such opportunity of these direct marketing in making money with flexible schedule, but then also know that there are associated work that is attached to the compensation. There’s no free meal, right? If you put in nothing, and get everything, that’s unrealistic. 

I’m constantly getting mixed messages about these type of businesses. On one hand, there are those who are showing their paycheck of how much residual income they earned over the past month. On the other hand, there are those pointing out the cons of such system and them being a scam. I do believe that there is money to be made there, like with selling anything, but selling things doesn’t come easily. I don’t have a bubbly personality and I certainly don’t like selling things, but I am motivated by money, for sure. Who isn’t. But there are so many ways to make money, it has to be something I enjoy doing at least, or else I don’t think it’s worth doing at all. I’m not sure if I want to venture into this new thing someone I told me about yet, but it doesn’t cost anything to just try the product right? If I don’t love it, I’m definitely not going to be able to sell it. 

On another note, there are those that sell things on Ebay, Amazon, or Craigslist and make a living. I researched a lot into the idea of purchasing wholesale and selling on those platforms too. There’s always that opportunity there, but that requires constant attention. Residual income I’m thinking is similar to that of renting out a room or apartment, most of it is hands off. There is work involved in the beginning of finding tenant, and at the end, and some in the middle if anything needs fixing, but at least there is the constant flow of monthly income. There are many other ways of residual income too that can be researched and explored.